Think like an Art Director - Peter Steiner

Date/time: Friday 19th May / 17 - 18h

How can you make an art director choose your portfolio over other? In this conference, Peter Steiner, will talk about the daily work as a magazine art director, how to work with photographers and their portfolios, what does he expect when starting a new job/project, and how to talk about pictures and ideas. He will also discuss why a very good portfolio is a bridge between the client and the photographer, and why some photographers have a better chance to get a good paid job than others. 


About Peter

Peter Steiner is an award-winning Art Director Lead with 35+ years of experience in the advertising and magazine industry. He has been the lead art director at the German food magazine "Der Feinschmecker" for the last 20 years. "Der Feinschmecker" is Germany’s leading magazine for culinary lifestyle. 

He formerly worked for advertising agencies like Mc Cann Ericsson and FCB and worked as a freelance Art Director for German Magazines (jojo, Sports) and other Advertisements, Fashion-Catalogues, Books and Records