The photographers in the exhibition have kindly donated some of their work to support the Feeding Project of the Stairway Foundation.

The Stairway Foundation  was founded by Lars C. Jorgensen. Lars was born in Vejle and his lifetime project has brought him to the Philippines where he started the Foundation.  Initially, he found a small school with no students. Through a community analysis, they concluded that the school was basically empty because the children in the community were hungry. Introducing a feeding program with 2 meals a day at the school brought the average attendance up from around 20 to around 200 over a relatively short time. The effects are dazzling! Weight gain and significantly improved health are easily measured short term benefits, while the rewards of going through an education will be the long term impact, offering the younger generations a way out of the perpetual demeaning poverty, which has been the reality of the community as far as anybody remembers.

 Please help us to raise as many funds as possible to help these children build a better life for themselves and their families.

 How to help!

The exhibition photographers have donated for this charity a copy of their work. Please download the catalog to see which photos participate in the charity.

 The donation is 240€ per photo (200€ for the Stairway Foundation and 40€ for print and shipment).

To order one or more photos, please fill in the Donation Form available here under as download, and send it to the e-mail address

Transfer the required donation to the bank account number on the Donation Form. If everything is received in good order we will send this form back to you signed and the chosen photo(s) will be sent to your address within a month.

For more information: