Daylight food photography - Adrian Mueller

Date/time: Saturday 20th May / 14 - 15h

This conference is about Daylight Food Photography and how photographer Adrian Mueller is using existing daylight to create the look of his distinct food images. Topics of his presentation include image examples from his latest cook book project as well as related stories of recent advertising and editorial shoots.  He will share the philosophies behind his approach & lighting concepts and how to fulfill client expectations in one of the toughest markets in the world.  Most importantly though, Adrian will talk about the #1 ingredient every food photographer needs to have in his or her tool kit in order to be successful.


About Adrian

Adrian grew up in Lucerne, Switzerland and initially studied architectural engineering. He was drawn to photography because of the similarities in both fields: clean lines, concise structures and how light reflects off surfaces. Time in Japan further influenced his creative approach through the concepts of craftsmanship, simplicity and reducing everything to its essence. In contrast to his precise still life + liquids work, Adrian's aim with his food and location photography is to create images that connect with a viewer's personal memories. He hopes that someone looking at his photographs will be moved to pause and remember a certain smell, taste or experience.

He lives in New York with his wife and son.