Food photography for packaging design - Johanna Wurm

Date/time: Sunday 21st May / 10h - 11h

Learn about the art of food photography for packaging design and branding campaigns. What is it an advertising agency is looking for? With many years experience in advertising, Johanna Wurm, from Minuskel agency will talk about her experience with food photography, and what should food photographers pay attention to. 

How your pictures are used in graphical context? – The five golden rules for the ambitious food photographer and some tips to optimize your pictures for advertisements. 

Target audience 

The presentation is developed for food photographers who are looking for professional advice and inspiration for their everyday work and want to improve their skills. 


About Johanna

Minuskel is an advertising agency with many years experience in branding of food products. They work with design- and communication for retailers, food businesses and brands in the food-sector. Their areas of specialties span from business- and product development to concept development and packaging design. 

Johanna Wurm has more than five years’ of experience with visual communication. As a graphical designer she is representing Minuskel. From hands on experience she has extensive knowledge about the application of food photography in a packaging and advertising context. She is a pixel perfectionist and her goal is to make the world a prettier place with design so she is naturally very excited to attend FoodPhoto festival in Vejle to help others to reach their full potential.