Understanding composition in food styling - Mary Valentin

Date/time: Saturday 20th May / 10h - 11h

In food photography, the viewer is confronted, not with a plate of food, but with a two-dimensional facsimile of that plate of food. It is therefore crucial that the stylist be able to create a composition that the viewers can read, guiding the viewer through the heart of the matter, the purpose of the image, the food.

Using examples in art history and contemporary photography, food stylist Mary Valentin will discuss the different ways that we view food, how the human eye sees, and how we can bring these principles to our own work.


About Mary

Starting with a BFA in painting from SAIC, and work in the restaurant world, Mary Valentin has built a career as a food stylist and lecturer, based on the concept: all relates back to art. After her first year of teaching at Kendall College, designing courses like Food Styling and Food Photography, Food in Art History, and Art Theory for Baking and Pastry Students, Mary decided to enrol as a student herself, taking advanced coursework in Culinary Arts and completing a Baking and Pastry Certification. In 2014 as chair of the Food Photographers and Stylists of the International Association of Culinary Professionals, Mary revamped the Food Photography Contest. Mary works as a food stylist and lectures on food styling, photography and the relationship between fine art and food.