GEOFF BINNS-CALVEY: Pop, splash, drop, and flame up - effects for food stylists

GEOFF BINNS-CALVEY: Special Effects for Food Photographers

Education objective: You'll learn how to create safe, controllable pours, fire effects, and splashes, using electronic timers, compressors, and pistons; as well as ways you can get similar results with rubber bands and common materials.
Language: English
Duration: 1 full day
Location: Munich (17 March), Berlin (19 March), Düsseldorf (21 March), studios to be confirmed in February.

Required level: Could be for all levels, although experienced food stylists and commercial photographers will probably benefit most.
Groupsize: max 15
Equipment: Students should bring a notepad, a phone/camera, and may bring a larger camera if they care to. (SLR, no big view cameras)
Timing: 8.30-17.30, full day including lunch
Price: 890€ (Includes 19% German VAT)

About the workshop

Spend a day with master rigger and effects designer Geoff Binns-Calvey, learning methods and materials for making your food images pop, splash, drop, and flame up! Learn about liquids. Liquids flow - but they also splatter, spray, spite, explode, vibrate, bubble, sparkle and splash- a real adventure for the liquid stylist and photographer.

Geoff has 30 years of experience working with photographers, commercial directors, and television shows, creating props and effects from giant walking Doritos, to the perfect splash of milk into a bowl. You'll learn how to create safe, controllable pours, flame effects, sparks, splashes, and other tricks of the trade, using millisecond timers, compressors, and pistons; as well as ways you can get similar results with rubber bands and common materials. You'll learn hands on methods about adhesives, soldering, moldmaking, and ways to solve tricky problems, that will send your clients home smiling and on time. And as  food stylists and photographers are increasingly asked to create motion images, many of these methods will carry over to motion shooting. We'll show you how to mold "hot coals" for flame free barbeque photography, and you'll take one example home.  From dropping a strawberry perfectly into cream, to dressing and pouring a perfect glass of  beer, this workshop will give you a boost in problem solving, in the complex world of food photography.

About Geoff Binns-Calvey

Geoff Binns-Calvey is a leading tabletop rigger and special effects designer in Chicago. With thirty years of experience, his work has been seen in countless commercials, still photos, films, and theatrical productions.
Geoff was a carpenter, then a set builder, then studio manager, then prop-maker, designer, effects creator, beer stylist. He started in the still photo world, moved into motion work, and is now back to around a 50/50 mix, as more photographers move into the motion world. Whatever the shot, his job as a rigger is to take away any worry over the mechanics of it, and let the photographer or director focus on light, style, composition, and the overall beauty of the image.
With a range of custom rigs and equipment, and the ability to create "on the fly", Geoff has the tools and experience to let you get the perfect shot, whether it's a single shrimp doing a perfect somersault into the sauce, or a barbecue grill with a half dozen steaks, over controllable flames and smoke.

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